Believe Him

“You’re so beautiful!”
“You’re lovely!”
“You’re the best representation of woman-kind!”
“You’re sexy and soo Hot!!”

We’ve all heard these phrases, or something similar, from our husbands. We barely smile and for a fleeting moment hear it but instantly respond,
“No! I’m too _____ or _____ (you fill in the blanks)....”
Or sometimes we think we are responding in a healthy way with a;
“No- I’m not sexy YOU are!” 
But ladies, thats still the inappropriate response to your man! 
You can tell by now with my title where I’m going, but honestly ask yourself this (before you skip out and discount this blogpost):

  Who made you??

Yes, who created your nose, gave you your hair color? Who set your eyes just the distance they are from one another? Who ‘colored’ your skin with or without beauty spots? Gave you the unique smile you have or the length of your beautiful arms and limbs? 
As women this is our deepest insecurity; our looks. All of us have at one point or another tended to regret an attribute our Lord endowed us with. But honestly why? Who are we to question, regret or be upset at the design God himself made??? Think of an attribute, of yours, you dislike for instance. Well I used to regret one myself, but when I was created and crafted by Our Lord’s hands He looked at my ‘finished’ being and no doubt said “she is beautiful and good” (as he did in Genesis of the things he created then). Before I was born He formed me to be me -the way I am- in my mother’s womb!

Ladies! God gifted us with mankind who can see how good God’s design is! And they TELL us ‘this’ or ‘that’ (of our body) is “good” or “beautiful” because IT IS. They have eyes to see this we don’t!! We need to believe them. 

You know how we tell our husbands “You’re such a good and adequate provider!” and they laugh at us or shake their head saying “No.” to us? Don’t we just WISH they believed us? Because it’s true- they are? Well God made us to SEE and admire His designing our men to be capable and adequate and guess wha our men’s deepest insecurity is. Yep: feeling inadequate to do their job (whatever that is). 
We are the same way, VERY insecure about our looks but our men can see we ARE beautiful (just like we can SEE their insecurity as more of a security than insecurity)! 

{And a side note it is VERY disrespectful to discount what our husband’s (our spiritual heads) are telling us! We are not showing humility AT ALL but rather a very disrespectful attitude for the thoughts of our man! It’s actually just plain rude as well, to completely contradict someone right away, immediately!} 

So let’s stop, pause and hear him, the next time our man tells us “You’re beautiful!”
And let’s actually Believe Him!
My Beloved and I onnour 4th wedding Anniversary trip! 💕


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