I know many of you sweet friends haven’t heard our plans so here’s an update for you!  Since the house fire we haven’t found a permanent home yet.  But we’ve relocated to Florida. Seeing as we hardly owned anything we saw it was a great time to relocate to focus more on our little family (during the rest of our time together) before Elijah joins the military late this summer or early fall. He is currently in the paperwork stage, as far as joining. Our goal is still missions overseas, as many of you know this ha been our goal since we married, but we will be using the military to put Elijah through medical school to better equip us for thatl. As far as our housing situation we’ve moved here to Florida and are currently living in a condo owned by Elijah’s grandmother, who isn’t currently living here. We’ve been talking to a few apartment complex’s but haven’t gotten one yet and Elijah is currently still looking for work. 

The displacement feelings can overwhelm us at times but we passed a fatal accident yesterday... the shock of someone’s lifeless form (that was breathing and alive 10 minutes ago) showed us very quickly all our blessings... even the toughest things in life become beautiful. 💕 We are praising God we are not on the streets or without friends and family. Thank you all! 


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