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Hello All!

We have been very busy lately, getting Elijah finished with his BA (he's got one last test to finish this week, YAY!). And we've been working on our cottage little by little. We added a dining room on the back!  I've been learning to juggle growing a little woman, run the household on a shoestring budget (I'm sure something many of you fellow home-school moms are good at) and sewing.  I've been doing several projects here and there. My latest was a Civil War ballgown for my sister Abigail, and a 'rough draft' version for myself (out of cheaper material). :) These were my first Civil War dresses to ever make, a bucket list item accomplished! I'm also busy exercising everyday getting my body back in shape after an issue after Jael's birth. We're also getting a milk cow today! And Lij has been building the barn for it.

We need your prayers as far as discernment and direction this next month we're deciding on big changes again.  Sometime in 2018 we won't be here in TX.  The decision is a heavy one and we only want the Lord's will done here, not our own. Thank you for your support!

Here are some of the videos I wanted to share long ago from our trips back in  May 2017- it's hard to believe how long ago that is already!) And here's some photos from July to now!

Blessings!  Thank you again,
Elijah, Faith and Jael Meggs

Virginia (5-17) videos:

Florida (5-17) videos:

Elise and Adam's wedding 8-19-17
(Olivia Meggs' photography)
Our map wall in August.☺

A picture with Jael before our 2nd Anniversary date night 9-17!

Elijah put in this cool fence for our front yard. 10-17
We installed a WoodStove. 10-17

And this is our new dining room, just got it done on the 11-12-17!

The Civil War dress I got to make and dance in!!! :D

This morning.


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