Virginia Ties

After settling into a 'normal' flow of life (but still feeling crazy busy) here in our little Texas Cottage we were able to start planning our summer activities!!! :)

Virginia and our family there being at the top of the list!

We went for an early Mother's day trip 5-5th through the 8th.  It was worth it and so good to see everyone again, though we drove all the night through to get there and have the most time with family.

We got to surprise about 3/4s of the family and that was so fun! :) :) :)  Going to church again was so nice and we were glad to catch a little visit with everyone and we missed lots of you who weren't able to be there (as well as those in Delaware)!

Enjoy the pictures!  Sadly we didn't get a photo of Mom holding little Jael (one of the main purposes for the visit)!

Jael in a little dress I made her
from an old lace apron!
She's our Peaches and Cream! <3 

Finally the Blue ridge Mountains again!!!

Elijah playing games with his brothers after church.

Back in Texas. Coming home tired. <3

Photo credits on several go to Olivia Marie my sister in law check out her photography website here: 


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