My Husband's Heart

When wifehood has finally set in and the daily grind has become just that... And your man (even having seen your many flaws) still buys you roses for Mother's day you can only stop.  And thank God for such a great man who shows you an embodied example of unconditional love and you just have to stand speechless and you start to wonder why this man even chose weird, odd, crazy little you!  It reminds you almost instantly of how much Christ loves the church and you feel your 'socks blown off'.

My Lord has blessed me with a prize beyond understanding.   So like his endless love for us, he gave me a man's heart (even though flesh and blood) of the same kind of endless love.  And it's crazy how BEAUTIFUL a love between a Christ following man and a Christ following woman can be.  For if we LOVE, really LOVE with the love that the bible speaks of (that is not our own); Always thinking good and always hoping our spouse's intentions were the BEST... it is the most unspeakable beauty.

Did some gardening with Jael today <3
The most PRECIOUS acts of love one might think are physical but nay, nay far from it.  They are the small simple daily choices made by both that happen in our homes all the time. When one human blood-bought sinner forbears and completely forgets and forgives another and shows love unconditional.  Not 'sweeping things under the rug' but speaking our hurt or concern and then just loving the other with a love that isn't ours, but heavenly.  Or when told a moody remark by our spouse not taking it personally but ONLY thinking the best of them (and, just common sense, realizing that they are only overtired or hungry). When we all, spouses, siblings, children, siblings in Christ, simply decide to let God rule our every thought and action without exception! This, this it is where HEAVEN meets earth again and Christ's TRUE love divine flourishes and bounces around a home with laughter, or little thuds of a crawling 9 month old...


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