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This is an old post from my old blog, but Elijah had something to say too (see the end). 😉

Friday, June 19, 2015

Once I Dreampt a Dream

Once I dreampt a lovely dream, oh many year far past it's been, of my hugging a precious man.
Twas the one who's loves never end, twas Jesus I am for sure, as his arms they were so larger than man's.

And I oft doubt my Jesus would know, the soul which died a crucified death for me, how to best dispose my life with all my silly plans and dreams.  But why weak self would e'er I doubt?

For this man, tanned near black was his skin, though his face I could never see, is all I need,
And my view, in this dream, was as if I were looking on, beholding us there, a white cloth did clothe his waist around yet upon his strong and bare chest I lay clothed in white... like a bride.

And oh foolish me, oft I look up (from my rest on his chest) and even let go, to attend some trouble on my own, but why I forsake such strong aid I don't know.  What a dream it twas...

We stood still, and at peace, on flat dessert plateau, as though atop of world,
Jael's little hand prints in the Son's light!
Where one could see for miles around still his face I never saw.
And thus I remained the whole dream, calm, pleased and at ease.
And thus we should remain, and ever be, as a small child in his mighty arms.

(And that's what happens when you listen to too much Irish/Celtic and remember your Lord's love and a random sweet dream you had years ago!)

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  1. Beautiful, Faith! And so true...


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