Life in Early Spring

Since I wrote last our small cottage life has consisted of many little things from HEAVY teething issues (two new teeth racing for the entrance to the world), scheduling for the spring and summer, and continuing the progress on our cottage.  We've also been SO excited about the possibility of Elijah getting full-time work at Home Depot, and then sure enough yesterday they gave him the position and he'll start full-time hours next week {quick happy dance :) }!
So Jael has already got three teeth.  Her two baby bottom ones, and one big tooth up top (she got that since last month too). Then this morning, after not taking any naps for the last few days, Jael woke up an hour earlier as if to tell us something was different, sure enough her fourth little tooth (next to the big one) had cut through the skin, I was hoping it was her other big tooth (they have been racing I'm telling you)!  Then around noon I thought, "oh let me check that other big tooth..." and sure enough it decided it couldn't let little tooth win, it came in too, so two teeth in one day!  Now she's resting and taking the naps she's been missing.  And with the arrival of her fourth tooth we've let her have a more substantial amount of 'people food' (solids)! :)
Our scheduling has been exciting as we're figuring out his school schedule (Elijah's finishing his English degree), my exercise/nursing etc. schedule and working on making some special plans for this spring and summer.
The progress on the house here was putting in two more windows which have really brightened and changed the whole feel of the house!  It is amazing what one 'tiny' window can do!  And we were able to put our first garden together, it's just mulch on top of the ground yet, and we've started some seeds, we'll get it there.
Missing all you dear friends in Virginia and praying and thinking of you all.
-The Meggs
The garden we started.

The kitchen and Elijah's study are where we put the two windows! Elijah is so handsome, sitting here about to work on his watch.
And (without even realizing it) I dressed up all 'Irish' in time for Saint Patrick's Day.  After seeing that movie of his life (The Legend of St. Patrick) I am just blown away by what a powerful and faithful missionary he was! The green top I actually started to make when I was pregnant but it was too small to go over my prego self then, so I just recently finished it.

Yes, cookies... :)
In a cute outfit her Aunt Abigail made her just last week!


  1. AWESOMENESS, just hope he can transfers if a move is in God's plans for your future still <3 & Prayers Unceasingly


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