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Hello Friends!

I am sorry for the irregularity of this blog!  I had planned to keep it updated monthly on the 22nd.  But we'll see about getting back to that!

We moved here to Texas (Sept 2016) for work you all know, and moved in with my family but planned to quickly be in our own home, within a month or two.  Sadly things didn't go as planned (life happened☺).  First we bought land in Alaska, thus holding our moving off 'till a while later.  And knowing we could fix up my family's in-the-works guest cottage to be a temporary home until Alaska.

But that of course would take time and money.  In mid December Elijah's job (which we came down here for) dried up.  And so we were looking like mad for any job of any kind. Christmas was coming up too. We even applied to Dollar stores, factory jobs, roofing work, landscaping, home improvements stores, oil rigs, you name it!  It was over 30 or so jobs we applied to and we tried to sell some things online in the mean time.  We only heard back from about three places, two "No we can't use you"s and one come in to schedule an interview.  The interview was scheduled and from there thankfully he was able to get the job, at Home Depot as lot loader.

So he started working regularly the beginning of February and we've been able to finally move into our little cottage!  (Our own place again after 6 months in my parent's).

Below are the photos of beginning to end of the getting it livable.  We still plan to redo the front door, put siding on and paint the trim etc.  But we're dry and snug out of the weather and it's our own. ☺
Also some picture of everything in between! ☺

"Jawalina" (pronounced Jay-wuh-Lina) as we've nicknamed her,
two days after her 6 month birthday! ❤

Cutting the wood stove out of a barrel
for the heating in our cottage.


  1. What a cute little home you have made for yourselves. It must be so nice to have your own place for your little family. And little 'Jawalina' is so gorgeous! :)


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