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Not too long ago I (Faith) often got angry, upset and VERY impatient with family members who didn't do what they were supposed to do in a timely manner or who didn't do their jobs correctly, or with those who were being 'lazy'.
*Siblings* Joshua and I summer 2015
(before Elijah and I got married).
Every time my parents would remind me to do my own jobs or asked me to fix a job I didn't do correctly, I'd always blow up with an independent attitude and defend myself; Couldn't they see that I was busy fixing my hair so I couldn't get to the dishes right this minute?  And why not give me a break about my laundry? After all I was not lazy, I was just busy so I rushed my laundry and didn't do it perfectly!

But can't you see what I was doing? I was wanting perfection; wanting them to do their jobs correctly, wanting them to do it NOW not later, wanting them to stop being 'lazy' and get to work. But I was demanding perfection in everyone except myself.
Instead I should give them a break and see that they are busy and not lazy and that they're not going to always do everything perfectly. And who knows what mental stress they are going through.  Maybe they just got a D on schoolwork and it's bothering them.  Or maybe their boss was sassy with them at work today.

Parents or siblings alike we need to look above ourselves and our problems and realize that everyone else has just as many (or more) problems than we do.  We need to show them the grace that the Lord showed us and we must!  Not for salvation but because God said since he forgave us we're to do the same: "And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you." Eph. 4:32

So rules of life:
Be KIND (to each other -as Christians)

*Siblings* Elise, Olivia and Elijah
summer 2015.
Those are actually pretty

And this doesn't mean everyone will automatically be perfect. We won't ever be until we're in heaven- ONLY because of Jesus!
And we can't go around being 'God' (bossing people and yelling at them to do their jobs).  All we can do is WARN them once or twice and that's it.  We can ONLY change ourselves.  And I will tell you since I learned this (in late 2014) it has been a MUCH easier life.  Nothing changed around me, no one got 'reborn' into perfection.  Just my mindset changed.  And it's EASIER because I just 'give them a break'.  They're happy I didn't cause WW3 and blowup at them and I'm happy I didn't waste 2 hours of my time arguing in circles.

Just give each other a break.  And forgive them when they are blaming you falsely.  Or wronging you.
The family of Christ should be your best friends and your pals, especially blood family!  Your husband/wife, children, parents and siblings are the best friends EVER, so don't damage ties with them over meaningless things. Let's not become enemies because one is not washing the shower as good as another.  Let's remember the bigger issues in life (like flat out sin).

Love from a sister in our Savior Jesus!


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