Changes Ahead 2017

2017 is going to be a big year for the Elijah Meggs family.  We are about to do something that many people are going to question and some will criticize...

We are moving to Alaska.

In October We bought 15 acres near Willow, Alaska.  We plan on moving there this summer to build a homestead that we will use as a base for missions to other parts of the globe.  This will be a big transition for us and for our extended families and friends.  It will also be an adventure, the adventure of a lifetime.   Lots of things surrounding the move still have to be set and we are still deciding exactly when we will move and working out the best way to do so.  We'll keep everyone posted on our adventure here on the blog so check back regularly.   Please pray for us during this period as we make important decisions.
We love you all,
Elijah, Faith and Jael


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