Life Is Good

Though we're in a rough spot in life, in between housing (and currently living in my parent's home) life is GRAND!  God has planned the perfect life for us, and we get to live it every single day!  It's easy to just complain and get all fussy about it (and I admit I do to God in prayers a lot!) but that's no different than how the world handles it, Jesus said, and we're called to handle things differently.

I wanted to share some of our recent and not so recent photos with you all.

Jael the other day!

These pictures are of the hikes we did the week before we moved to Texas. Our first stop was a very special place, Rocky Mount (the mountain Rocky Mount, VA is named for).  The day after Elijah returned from his first time meeting me here in Texas, he hiked up top there to pray. 

On the Rocky Mountain, where he prayed.

Above Rocky Mount.
Second stop, Natural Bridge.  I had read about this in school then married a guy who grew up 2 hours from it! :D  It was a bit expensive but worth it!!! 
Jael and I at the Natural Bridge.

Elijah and Jael at the Natural Bridge.
Then we got home here and had our first wedding anniversary.  We went to the local lake here but forgot to take pictures, except of the chicken pot pie I made for our picnic supper. We are just SO thankful for all the wonderful blessings the Lord has given us this year!

Blessings to you all and we hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and we'll catch you next month!


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