Elijah and I have had missions, particularly to North Africa and the Middle East on our hearts since before we married over a year now.   We are certain God plans to use us concerning those places in some way but we're not sure yet.

We know that the Lord had us marry with that as our life goal, but life happens. He had us for a season in our small apartment there in Virginia, that he no doubt got for us, and then recently he directed us to move down here to Texas again.

After adjusting to married life, then pregnancy and our new baby, we are now building our small home on my parent's property.  It will be our State-side home base, something to call our own and a place to leave our belongings that we won't take overseas (whenever that time comes).

Elijah is a construction worker as many of you know.  The main move was for that reason.  There was no work left for him in Virginia and we looked several months and tried different options, even farm work etc. But there wasn't anything that fit our family quite right, he would've had to be gone long into the evenings and leave before Jael and I woke.  Then while on a visit down here to Texas he was offered a construction job.  We considered it but we couldn't come down until after Jael was born, what with all the midwife and appointments and such. After much prayer we were sure the Lord wanted us to relocate and so here we are.

The house is still in the waiting, but we've cleared the area and put footers in!
Here are photos of what we've been up to:
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  1. Psalm 127 "Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain."

    Welcome back and can't wait to see the finished product!

    Nick and Tonya Gunnells

  2. Praise the Lord and keep praying as God will open the door when it is time. We love yall.

    Un.Rudy & Ant. Melissa


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