It has been one year since our wedding, September 20th 2015, and as we look back on all that has occurred since then we are  blown away by what all the Lord has blessed us with.

We haven't made it to North Africa or the Middle East yet, like we would have wished, but the Lord knew how hard a labor Jael's would be and how much we need to get ready still.

The desire to arrive in some new country and live to share Him is very present and alive in both of us and we're eager to do so, whenever the Lord would have us make that step.  And we realize it won't be easy but it is for sure what God gave us to do.

The last year has been filled with blessing after blessing! First off we got married ahead of schedule (by six weeks) and when we were married had no place to call home or place to move in to. But we'd prayed and were certain God wanted us to go ahead with our early union and he reminded us that he would provide.  Then after a night's stay at the local hotel (for our wedding night) we were blessed with an apartment owned (and built on their property) by friends! Then we were able to find a good car at an affordable price the first week of our marriage and from there we were set!
I changed my name and we got all our official documents taken care of and it was bliss! We later had the pre-planned wedding in TX in November and stayed for a week and then had our pre-planned two week honeymoon to Colorado.  It was then, about Thanksgiving, that we realized that we had a baby on the way!  Christmas was full of travel for us, we first headed north to see and meet his extended family and then we headed south to TN to my sister's, where my family met us.  Elijah's work started slowing down in January and actually stopped altogether in March. Since then the Lord has provided small job after small job. We were able to pay bills but not able to save anything.

Still life went on and we found a great Christian midwife and we were so pleased! I learned a lot of health stuff during my pregnancy and while having colds and flu for two weeks, I even learned to take care of Elijah when he was sick but he mostly took great care of me and I'm forever in his debt (but I pay him back nightly) ;)  Anyway we were so happy to finally welcome our little one into the world July 24th! It was a very long labor, about 30 hours, and it was hard. I will admit it though, I had been putting off the pain of childbirth as just simply 'pain', which I know I can endure. But how I endure pain is to just grit my teeth and bear it... With labor that's not the best route and I didn't know that. When you do that you are actually fighting and prolonging the labor (not what anyone wants especially me, i.e. the one in pain)! Anyway she made it into the world safe and sound at our little apartment! She was 8.2 and 21 1/4 inches long.
This past spring Elijah was offered work in Texas (since work was getting scarce in Virginia) and after praying about it we felt God wanted us to make the move.
So now we're in Texas, but we have another blog post about that coming soon!

Elijah, Faith and Jael Meggs <3


  1. The pain of childbirth is an exceptional experience, that's for sure. ;-)


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