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Believe Him

“You’re so beautiful!” “You’re lovely!” “You’re the best representation of woman-kind!” “You’re sexy and soo Hot!!”
We’ve all heard these phrases, or something similar, from our husbands. We barely smile and for a fleeting moment hear it but instantly respond, “No! I’m too _____ or _____ (you fill in the blanks)....” Or sometimes we think we are responding in a healthy way with a; “No- I’m not sexy YOU are!”  But ladies, thats still the inappropriate response to your man!  You can tell by now with my title where I’m going, but honestly ask yourself this (before you skip out and discount this blogpost):
  Who made you??
Yes, who created your nose, gave you your hair color? Who set your eyes just the distance they are from one another? Who ‘colored’ your skin with or without beauty spots? Gave you the unique smile you have or the length of your beautiful arms and limbs?  As women this is our deepest insecurity; our looks. All of us have at one point or another tended to regret an attribute our Lord…

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