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Another Daughter and Change

So hello!

It’s been a long time and I know a lot of you haven’t heard from us or kown what we’ve been up to. So to start off we have a new daughter, she was born in November and is remarkably similar to Jael in looks, temperamentally she’s far more dramatic and stubborn but she’s a little redhead too! 😊

Elijah has been working Security and we moved back here to Texas last Spring.  Elijah spent all summer 2018 rebuilding our home at te same sight of our burnt cabin.  He was blessed after a few odd jobs to find work as a security guard locally! The end of summer began the wedding season for us, my older sister Melody married in August up in TN and that was a fast whirlwind wedding that I happen to coordinate for her (my first wedding to do that) but after a rainstorm and exchanging vows under the trees it ended well with her request of bride and groom being sent off in a canoe down a creek and then they headed off to live in Canada where he’s from!

Then October brought us to GA for E…

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