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New York Living

New York’s fall leaves flutter down as rain clouds and more cooler weather roll in.  There are many firsts here in New York for Elijah and I, even though we’ve been married for 4 years. For example this is our first completed home (not under construction) and that is special (though I am very thankful and not regretting my previous homes- who can say their husband built them 2 houses? ☺️😍).  But in a sense it is like our first home together as we’ve gotten some of our first furniture here, for example our first washer and dryer set. 😊 This has been a very rough week for my entire family because my pregnant sister in Canada was ill and had to have a C-section three weeks early due to preeclampsia. It was very serious for my sister, Melody, for a while there but God is merciful and thankfully my parents are able to be there and Melody’s actually just gotten home from the hospital after a week. Your prayers would still be appreciated for her, her husband David and their new daughter, Ta…

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