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Lessons on Authority

In recent years, since union to Elijah Meggs in September 2015, I have been insanely loving, completely enjoying, and yet baffled, frustrated and confused by this role of mine, as Wife.
So we've all learned single-hood fairly well, the dos and don'ts, the how to be a daughter that's submissive without being ignored as an individual etc.  But womanhood as a wife... What exactly does it entail?  And then what is it for me personally with my man's personalities, or for any woman?  For all God fearing, Christ-washed women who have yearned for and then finally entered this role, rather clueless we find, as Wife.
First bottom-line I am basing all my findings on the truths of the bible, without the bias of traditional teaching. I want understand Christ's truth from His perspective – the truth that can set me and you free.
I'm a very practical person.  I like the what and when, why and how for everything I do.  (Math was fun because of that! )  I tend to see everything a…

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